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NewsMiner scans the Internet for financial news, then ranks in popularity showing you the markets that are being most talked about.

NewsMiner Delivers Moving Market News!

With a simple click of the mouse, NewsMiner scans the Internet to find "What's HOT" in financial market news!

Hundreds of hours have gone into developing NewsMiner, so you don't have to search all the news outlets, this keeps you in the loop and allows you to focus on trading.

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"The current fundamental news of the market is key to identifying hot moving markets, and the beginnings of long-term trends.  With NewsMiner you'll have the ability to quickly identify the major market movers.  I needed to know this information myself, which is why I designed this product."
-- Lan Turner, NewsMiner's Creator

NewsMiner Mines for News Articles

Whether you're a Stocks, Futures, or Forex Trader, NewsMiner quickly identifies what markets are being talked about and what the news on those markets is, providing you with quick insight to help make your pivotal investing decisions with your trading.

NewsMiner Charts and Portfolios

Create a custom portfolio of all the markets you watch. Each chart will bring in the current market news, and allows you to look at individual price bars and what news announcements were on those days.

NewsMiner Heat Map identifies market bias

View your portfolio or the market in a heatmap.  The heat map visually identifies if a market is currently up, down or sideways for the day.  This can help you identify if that days news has affected the markets value.

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